The Alabama Buscuit Company

The boy and I ventured to a new breakfast/brunch joint a few weeks ago, The Alabama Buscuit Company. Months ago on my drive home, I saw construction for this new buscuit eatery, and I have eagerly been awaiting its opening day ever since! Go figure D has been excited, too.

AL Biscuit PillowAL Biscuit LightsAL Biscuit ArtAL Biscuit Waiting

We treated ourselves in the industrial, loft-like environment while eating fancy, whole-wheat buscuits early one morning before D left town for two weeks. That’s right, I woke up and showed up at 6:30a.m. because I love him. That’s right, I paid $12 for a mocha and fancy biscuit: goat cheese, melted honey, and pecan goodness! Next time, we’ll be getting biscuits how we like our beer, in flights! 3 for $12 is a no brainer!

Honey, Pecan, Goat Cheese

AL Biscuit Ham/CheeseAL Biscuit Mocha

Happily welcoming this start-up to the Cahaba Heights area, which is dangerously close to my house! It will be a great place to have morning birthday meetups, out of town company, or a fancy treat for your favorite breakfast-lover. I’m sure we’ll be back.  AL Biscuit