I’m embarking on a new challenge… the Advocare 24-Day Challenge! I have a friend who completed the program, saw results and felt so great that she decided to sell Advocare and make it a lifestyle! As I am preparing for our wedding, I really wanted a jump start to get healthy and wedding dress ready. Also, in January, there is a competition for those who lose the most in weight and inches with a $150 prize for each. Sign me up! With the challenge, there are meal replacement drinks or snack bars you can eat, but mainly it focuses on eating right, which has always been the hardest part for me! It gives you a list of approved foods, so I plan to eat two regular meals with controlled portions and ingredients. You’re required to limit sugar, soda, alcohol, candy, friend foods, creamy sauces, corn syrup, etc.¬†Luckily, my palatte has expanded over the last few years, and there is now a lot of food I eat that never used to peak my interest. I still don’t eat much of any meat, so I will have to find substitues for my protein such as lentils, eggs, hummus, nuts, etc.

I’m motivated, nervous, excited, and ready to do my best to tackle this 24-Day Challenge! Each day, I will walk through the products, foods I eat, and physical activity I acomplish as a way to journal my progress and also let you in on the process! I will be as honest as possible (with the good stuff like burps, toots, and you know those “movements” that really shouldn’t be discussed but what someone like me worries about before starting a new diet, vitamins, or¬†suppliments), so forgive me if it’s TMI.

Stay tuned for the details!

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