So, I’m engaged! I’m a little behind on posting about this, but it has been such a fun and stressful time making the biggest decisions about our wedding and the start of our life together! We’ve created a joint checking account to start sharing some finances, thought through what we want our wedding to look like and represent, searched and searched and finally found a venue, and have really enjoyed this time with the friends around us!

Let’s rewind, jump back in time, and relive the day! Don’t mind if I do!

With our plan of spending forever together in mind, we began imagining places where we mgiht want to get married when the time came! Dreaming, you know! A family friend of D’s had a barn that they were building as an event space, so we planned to go look at it the next time we were in Knoxville! Over Thanksgiving would be the time to do that.

I met the rest of his extended family on Thanksgiving Day 2013 and was so happy to have a warm welcome and a fun visit! We spent the day on the farm at his grandma’s house, played games, ate lots of food, and had a good time getting to know one another! To wrap up the day, Allison, his sister, asked me if I wanted to eat breakfast the next morning at Tupelo Honey, a place that is known for its biscuits! My visit there had been long-overdue, but here begins the list of ”hmm, that’s suspicious but I’m not saying anything” events! : )

Black Friday arrived and we started the day off eating some delicious food (hello, sweet potato pancakes the size of my face!) and then made a stop at The Chocolate Factory for some of Knoxville’s best sweets. Then, I spent some time with Allison around the house cleaning up. I strangely love tidying up, but also because I’m happy to help out in any way I can! Babies make quite the mess! Since D was “helping his mom with an IT issue at the university” all afternoon, I even got time to take a nap afterwards! It was a relaxing day, but I was excited to get some alone time with D later that evening when we planned to look at the barn!

D got back and rushed to get ready! All day he had been very sweet, easy going, and relaxed. He did a good job of hiding his nerves… maybe too good! ; ) He wanted me to fix his hair, as usual, but made sure to tell me that “[I] make [him] look good!” Speaking of, I had asked him this morning if I should wear my “nice” outfit today as I would be meeting new people and going on an ice-skating date afterwards! So, again add all this to the “suspicion” pile.

We made the 40-or-so minute drive to the barn, and I felt the urge to say something to D about the feelings I had had throughout the day! I didn’t want to ruin any surprise. I didn’t want to assume something was going on when it wasn’t. But, I did want to clue him in just in case he was freaking out! So, I told him ”I feel like today is a special day.” That was true and not too revealing! He wasn’t sure how to respond but did come back a few minutes later to say he felt sick! Haha. He had been working hard all day “at the university” and hadn’t eaten much, so I played along all the while thnking it could very well be nerves!

We arrived at their beautiful land where a wheat feild welcomed us and lead us to their stand alone house and new barn! After saying a quick hello to the Walters, we headed to the barn, making a pit stop to check out the wheat, first! As we were walking down, D refered back to what I said in the car by asking, “So, why did you think today was special?” I respond vaguely, “I don’t know, it just feels different… special!” He confirmed my suspicions and said, “Well, you should probably take off your sunglasses.” Now, don’t ask me why this confirms anything, but I just knew! I started jumping up and down exclaiming, “It is a special day! It is a special day!” With my sunglasses thrown aside, I was ready to listen to him, intently.

He started getting choked up and said things like, “I hated having to keep secrets from you while planning all of this, but it’s going to be worth it!” (I believe you, boy, I do!) Now in on the secret, he intended for me to enjoy every little part. He showed me how he had his phone recording audio in his pocket, told me there are two timelapse cameras set up inside to record our adventure, and began playing the mini bluetooth speaker inside the barn that “he got as an early christmas present from his mom earlier that day!” Such a techie man I have!

The scene was set. He opened the doors to the barn, while I continued hiding behind him trying to prolong the surprise! When I finally saw it, my breath left me and the tears started. He had set up a table for two, a circle of rose petals under the chandelier, which became our dance floor, and turned an empty barn into the perfect setting!

D+E Table

D+E Table

We danced to the first song he had put on our playlist…

“I’ve been beaten down,
I’ve been kicked around,
But she takes it all for me.
And I lost my faith,
in my darkest days,
But she makes me want to believe.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
She is love, and she is all I need.”
- Parachute, She Is Love

Then, he took a drawer from the table we would later use for dinner, which had been constructed by his great-grandfather years ago. The table is significant as his great-grandfather was deaf and blind, yet his profession was wood working! Pretty neat! Inside, there were many pictures of us spread around a roll of fill, which was ruined earlier this year after taking it to be developed. Memories lost were replaced by new ones in that moment! The negatives circled around the ring!!

D+E Ring

D+E RingHe took it, said very honest and sweet things, slowly dropped to his knee and asked me, Emma Bailey Robertshaw, to marry him. I quickly answered with a, “oh yeah, uh huh!” Haha.
D+E Propose
D+E Knee

We spent the next 20 minutes celebrating with Hollie and Andrew, two of our friends who came from Birmingham to document the event, take pictures in the wheat field and be excited!

D+E Wheat

After they left, we ate dinner with plates, silverware, and napkins he had purchased from Target & World Market (he loves me!), along with wine glasses he had tested in-store in order to find a match with the best ‘clinging’ sound! So much time was put into those items on his part, and we plan to use them each anniversary! Very sweet. Our dinner consisted of  Harby’s pepperoni and mushroom pizza & Rex Cabernet Sauvignon. Dessert followed with red velvet cake and sugar cookies, that we never made it too, from Litton’s, and a Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout beer!!

After a total of about three hours, a full belly, happy dancing feet, and a completed playlist, my little heart was full of joy! I was so thankful. It was apparent that D took me into every thought he had while planning our speacial day! He knew I wanted dedicated, intimate time to enjoy this beginning.

Later, we met up with D’s mom, sister, Hollie and Andrew for some celebration! We did see the ice-skating rink but opted out in order to talk about the night’s goodness. Such a special memory.

D+E Dance

This man has helped me grow in love, understanding, patience, confidence, and an eagerness to know and serve my King. This boy has always made me laugh and will never run out of puns to make me giggle or cute little dance moves to show and tell. This lady feels beautiful, cherished, thankful, and happily said, YES!


“We are not perfect
We’ll learn from our mistakes
And as long as it takes
I will prove my love to you
I am not scared of the elements
I am under-prepared, but I am willing
And even better I get to be the other half of you
Tell the world that we finally got it all right, I choose you.”
- Sara Bareilles

Southern Revelry


Sometimes our memories will come in the form of videos. Realistic, moving picture memories.

In the beginning, I’m sure the first shoe-boxers were not throwing in many 8mm films with the medium format photos stored under their beds, but that’s the beauty of the 21st century! We have the internet. So, we’re throwing in videos. Also in instances like this, it makes me happy to experience and create with D in an area where he is very gifted!

Last night, we excitedly slipped away from the lake to go experience the first Southern Revelry at The Overall Company in Opelika, AL. I love this beautifully rustic venue. Architecturally created light fixtures contrast grand, sparkling chandeliers. Craft beers, wine, coffee, and now cold ‘sicles from the “pop factory” can be consumed inside around mixed chairs and couches or atop the large outdoor patio with an air breeze. Yard sale and antique treasures can be found in every nook & cranny, even in the bathrooms which houses a bountiful bottle display! Overall Co. really has an art-centered heart, desire to inspire, and love for its locals… and it shows. Best of luck to this venue, and we’ll see you soon!



photo credit :: E – Iphone4S, D - Canon 5D Mark III