Twenty Fourteen

There is this One Little Word movement that started in the scrapbooking world, has made its way to the blog world, and should make its way to everyone! At the start of each year, one little word with a whole lot of meaning is chosen! I like this exercise because it helps me intentionally focus on the new year ahead. Goal setting, somewhat. And they say that’s a pretty important thing to figure out, you know?!

It’s also a good way to reflect on the past year. I started this excersize in 2013, with the word GRACE. It was a much needed reminder over my past year… grace in receiving, grace in accepting, grace in giving, grace in understanding, grace in learning, grace in loving, unconditionally, and the goodness of God’s grace and restoration. I kept my motto [[ soaked in grace ]] in the info section of my Instagram feed so that it would be a constant in my mind… D knows that’s definitely the place I would see it, everyday, all day. Oops. But, I’m thankful I now live with this knowledge more openly, struggle with it continuously, and will forever be commited to better understanding and tackling the years ahead with it in my back pocket.

In 2014, my word will be:


“And anyway we know how, we’re gonna get our bellies full. Living on a fault line, are we reaching our potential?”

Those lyrics from A Silent Film’s song, Reaching the Potential, were the first time I thought about the potential of the word… potential! Recently, I have felt a lot of in-between-ness. In-between this stage and the next. In-between new and old friends. In-between contentness and desire. In-between expectations and reality.  Honestly, that’s part of life. We’re made up of our expereicnces, our chagnes, our relationships, our time and how it’s spent. My word for the year will remind me to make the most of those relations, my spiritual growth, ambitions, etc.!

As it’s sung, a fault line is one thing, but “since faults do not usually consist of a single, clean fracture, geologists use the term fault zone.” I don’t want my current fault line (in-between-ness) to become an overwhelming fault zone, where everything collapses because I have not been focused or determined to put effort behind things that deserve my attention. Those little things that make a solid foundation and are usually the hardest to turn into habits… saying “Thank You” when it’s not expected, waking up early to work out, making concious choices to not eat things that aren’t necessary, thinking of others first with your words and actions, staying involved in a Bible study, drinking more water, and the list goes on. Basically, POTENTIAL keeps me out of the past, aware of today, and hopeful for things to come!

As this RELEVANT magazine article states, “We cannot be sincerely grateful for our lives if we are breathing in the anticipation that soon this will wrap up and make way for something more exciting. That doesn’t sound like thankfulness, and it looks nothing like contentment… If we view today as less than tomorrow, we choose to live in the imagined picture of a story that hasn’t happened, sacrificing joy and adventure that could be ours in the present… No matter what you would change about your current circumstances, there are advantages, freedoms and joys that will be gone in life’s next scene. Don’t miss today because you are imagining that tomorrow will be “better…” Life does not begin when you get married, land your dream job or board a plane to travel the world. It is found in the beautiful, powerful love of Christ, which changes us in the midst of all circumstances, especially the ones we find most difficult. We need only be willing.”

Are we reaching our potential?

P.S. D has chosen the word GROWTH (yes, we are growth potential when you combine our powers!) for the new year! Business, relational, and spiritual growth are just a few of the areas where he is eager and hopeful to see his word in action!

P.P.S. A girl I know wrote an article (actually about grace!) for Venture Magazine. While browsing, I found this printable for the new you in 2014! Good lessons and practical ways to look forward to the year ahead.

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