Hello World!

necessities: love & biscuits.

necessities: love & biscuits.

We have a blog, and you are looking at it. Fancy that!

This southern couple has got full heads & hearts ready for filling this space. We’re in the kitchen & cooking it up big, like a hearty Thanksgiving Dinner on the menu. Okay, that’s a little over the top. But, we’re really excited, and ¬†nobody in their right mind isn’t excited about Thanksgiving food!!

E {the organizer} dreams, plans, nit-picks, and impatiently awaits filling these pages with beautiful ideas and memories. D {the curator} supports, creates, masterminds, and eagerly awaits documenting life here.

So, I’d stick around if I were you… we’re having classic yellow cake with chocolate icing for dessert.

P.S.¬†”Forgive me for what I said when I was hungry.” Words often uttered by D, himself, that I am now connecting with. This is NOT a food blog, but¬†deliciousness will frequent these pages… we like to get our grub on every now and then.



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