Southern Revelry


Sometimes our memories will come in the form of videos. Realistic, moving picture memories.

In the beginning, I’m sure the first shoe-boxers were not throwing in many 8mm films with the medium format photos stored under their beds, but that’s the beauty of the 21st century! We have the internet. So, we’re throwing in videos. Also in instances like this, it makes me happy to experience and create with D in an area where he is very gifted!

Last night, we excitedly slipped away from the lake to go experience the first Southern Revelry at The Overall Company in Opelika, AL. I love this beautifully rustic venue. Architecturally created light fixtures contrast grand, sparkling chandeliers. Craft beers, wine, coffee, and now cold ‘sicles from the “pop factory” can be consumed inside around mixed chairs and couches or atop the large outdoor patio with an air breeze. Yard sale and antique treasures can be found in every nook & cranny, even in the bathrooms which houses a bountiful bottle display! Overall Co. really has an art-centered heart, desire to inspire, and love for its locals… and it shows. Best of luck to this venue, and we’ll see you soon!



photo credit :: E – Iphone4S, D - Canon 5D Mark III

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