Spaghetti Squash

… is BOSS! I was beyond entertained and fascinated with this vegetable’s innards. While still new to the cooking world and this being my first experience with the yellow mammoth, I was hopeful this process would go smoothly after reading a few how-to’s. Fingers crosssed because D and I had to eat whatever was created as a result of our foodie adventure!

Well, not only was it a piece of cake to bake , but I had so much fun ripping this thing apart! It’s amazing how many small strands make up the entirety of this large veggie. So large we only ate one side! I had leftovers (that were only baked in the oven and shredded) ready to cook up when I wanted! It lasted in the fridge for a few days inside a container.

While this may look like spaghetti and call itself spaghetti, don’t let it fool you. It defniitely has a different texture: more coarse. I’m a full-blooded-pasta-all-the-time-if-I-could kinda girl, so I was worried that would be a deal breaker; although, it’s just the right mixture… soft and squishy with a slight crispy bite. I’m very happy to be branching out, enjoying new foods and making edible things (go emma!), where convenience usually came first.

Get to cooking – - step-by-step pictures & full recipe below!

Prep SqaushPoke holes all over the squash to relesae any tension while baking & allow steam to exit.Open Squash

Once it has baked for one hour, cut it in half with a serrated knife.

Gut SquashScoop out the seeds inside and discard.

Fork SquashTake a fork and scratch the edges to make spaghettis!

Saute Squash

Sauté your portion in butter/olive oil, spices, cheese, and anything else your heart desires!

Eat Squash

Say a little prayer and dig in.



1 Spaghetti Squash


Spices of choice

Olive Oil/Butter

Directions: (for the not so visual learners…)

1. Look for a mature spaghetti squash with a light yellow skin & purchase!

2. Poke holes all over the squash to relieve pressure.

3. Bake for an hour @ 350 degrees and do something productive on top of the productiveness you are already achieving, cooking. (I took this time to clean out my mess of a closet after my recent move!)

4. Cut the squash in half length-wise. If the skin is still tough, bake it a little bit longer.

5. Scoop out all the seeds and junk in the middle area of each side.

6. Take a fork and scrape down the edges of the squash to create spaghetti.

7. Saute what you want in a saucepan with butter or olive oil, spices, & parmesean cheese! I added mushrooms to the mix & included oregano & basil.

8. Pour yourself a glass of wine and dive in!

photo credit :: E – iPhone 4S

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