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Morning Mist

Wake up early.

Easier said than done – - I have never been good at this, but I have recently found (slash been forced & can learn to appreciate) a new determination to rise & shine! Hello, adulthood?!

Life gets busy, and when that 5:00pm-grown-up bell rings, the precious few hours left in the day go quickly! In hopes of actually being able to get some things done, I’ve found that once my eyelids can hold themselves up, the morning can be very productive: read, work out (my biggest!), do chores, catch up on any tasks that need completing,  etc. I’ve yet to regret the decision to wake up early. There is now more time to finish anything I need after work or spend it with loved ones! D is quality time’s #1 fan & I’m his! So, it’s much easier to make down time good when there has been a productive morning! D is much better at all cock-a-doodle-do stuff, but he does have some years on me, you know! ; ) Our definitions of “early” will be a bit different for quite a while, I imagine. And that’s okay!

Practice: Be a big girl, or boy. Fight for your time in the morning, even if it means fighting the morning, initaly. Start off small. Wake up early once or twice a week! Once you see the benefits, it will get easier and easier. Speaking for myself, I have a ton of energy at the end of the day when I’ve had a morning workout! Hyper E, all the way.. you’ve been warned!

photo credit :: D instagram

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